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Georges and Edward De Bono’s Six Hats

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If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of discontent and no matter what you do it just keeps repeating itself, there is a likelihood that either your beliefs are misrepresenting your wishes or that you are not directing your mind in a clear concise way towards your desired outcome. There is one other possibility that you simply lack the skills to attain your desire.
Setting goals is probably the most progressive step you can make. A map is a map. Without a destination in mind, your mind will follow the easy path just like a river will look for the shortest path to its destination.
This book will help you grasp the most important steps to take to guide your mind to the successful you choose.
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Sometimes it is wise to rest, reflect, and enjoy being. Refreshing the mind, body, and soul is a must if you intend to have a long enjoyable journey through life. ... See MoreSee Less

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