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Tired, fed up, is it all too much?

Do you find yourself suddenly realizing that you are walking around with a frown or just being snappy at people for no apparent reason. It’s as if something has happened that went unnoticed.  Before you know it you are just fed up and experiencing an unconscious misery.

Often we can loose sight of the fact that both mind and body have been exhausted. It’s as if we are are not able to monitor the energy being consumed by the demands  made on our resources.  With our awareness distracted we are vulnerable to the dangers that lay in our environmental situation. The tendency is not to realise that our environment can seriously effect our state of being.

Being human includes the ability to synchronise how we feel with what is going around us.  This may make more sense if we consider how we feel when we go to the local bar when there is a celebration going on. People smiling, having a good time generally makes us feel good to be there. In the same way, when we are in an environment with an air of doom, we are likely to not feel good, yet we are not necessarily aware of the cause.

Take time to consider and plan to deliberately include activities that uplift and enthuse the mind and body.  Avoid allowing too much negativity to consume your life. This can lead to some people becoming accustomed to a state that mars the quality of life you once knew.

Something that does not help the situation is not getting a decent nights sleep. What can happen when we are tired and low in energy is that our ability to be aware and alert is seriously reduced. Sleep well and be sure that you are conscious of your  environmental demands and influences.

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