Author, Speaker, Coach

J.C. – Life Coach.

There are few times in life where people introduce you to something that will have such an effect on not only your life but those you come into contact with.  Georges with his passion for people and his subject has developed a fantastic approach that I use in every coaching programme.

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J.C. – Life Coach.

S.R. – Music Industry Executive.

Georges is a coach who will go to the next level and give invaluable answers on how to stay clear thinking in the real world with real stress and pressure which is a different ball game to the comfort of the classroom.
S.R. – Music Industry Executive.

N.J. – Global Head Communications Network.

Despite my position in the company and my undoubted material success I had never felt at ease with my life.  Georges skilfully identified this negative belief and gently erased it from my subconscious.
N.J. Global Head Communications Network.

J. A. – General Manager – Service Industry

“Georges made it possible for me to not only recognise how others saw me, but to become calmer, more influential and effective in my leadership style.

He made a significant impact on empowering my team to be a guiding force, and enabled everyone to focus on how they could achieve greater team working. This made much better use of my time from being a professional mediator to become a strategic thinker and more effective operational manager”

J. A. General Manager – Service Industry

T.C. – International broadcaster and Author

Georges can achieve in one session what would take others a year.  He is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met.  I strongly suspect I join a cast of thousands who can say, with passion, that my experience with Georges was one of the most rewarding of my life.

T.C. – International broadcaster and Author.

S.S. – Author – Director sports company.

Georges Philips is a phenomenal coach.  He opened my mind to new possibilities in both my business and personal life.  With the help of his unique way of thinking I have been able to implement simple effective strategies to achieve these new possibilities.

S.S. – Author, Director sports company.