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Beliefs Breakout

The “Breakout” programme is designed to instruct individuals and groups on the power of beliefs and the effect they have on our intentions, expectations and consequently our experience in our working and personal lives.

“Breakout” introduces a new way of thinking about beliefs and their effects. It has the power to facilitate rapid change and gives an unparalleled clarity in the way our minds construct and maintain our beliefs. The effect that beliefs have on how we perceive and experience life is clearly explained. Most importantly “Breakout” imparts the necessary knowledge to empower individuals to take positive action in shedding limiting beliefs, improve their personal performance and fulfil their potential.

“Breakout” carefully examines and eliminates negative beliefs. The programme will enable individuals to continue their ongoing personal and professional development and you will:

• Learn about the power of beliefs and how they shape behaviour
• Understand how beliefs form over time
• Learn how beliefs are maintained
• Learn how to rapidly change limiting beliefs
• Learn how to elicit core beliefs in a way that makes sense
• Gain the power to change and improve personal performance