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Taster sessions of two hours are available upon request.

Our workshops run from half day to five days.

Coaching and Mentoring is arranged at a mutually convenient location and run from one hour to full day.

Contact us directly and discuss your specific needs.

Language skills workshops

Identifying the linguistic skills which participants can utilise and which can have a significant effect on self-perception

Understanding the varying styles of communication which can give the individual an added advantage in a limitless number of walks of life

Adopting subtle language patterns which can enhance rapport and diffuse psychological conflict

Time management workshops

Identifying ways in which an effective strategy can be put in place in order to benefit all concerned and bolster efficiency

Taking time out now to plan, prioritise and document goals in order to reap rewards for the future

Acquiring the art of delegation and recognising the psychological stance which hinders delegation opportunities or fosters irresponsible buck-passing

Avoiding chaos, disruption and frustration in order to generate a cost-effective working environment where personnel have a keen sense of the time-money equation without creating an over-pressurised group psyche