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Panic attacks, addictions, simple phobias, performance anxiety, relationships, self esteem issues and more are issues that can be helped or completely eradicated. One to one sessions are arranged at a mutually convenient time to address these issues.

Confidentiality assured.


Stress Management

Stress is one the most destructive side affect of being un-resourced, mismanaged, misdirected and over challenged. It is where our abilities meet expectations. Getting this right is critical to our wellbeing and our future potential.
Read the “My little book of Stress Management” and gain some insight.

Burnout counselling

Identifying preventative measures which can negate employee exhaustion and any inability to deliver on psychological and practical levels

Creating effective and bespoke packages designed for individual needs which can promote smooth and productive working practices

Resolution counselling

Providing deep level employee support which can enable the professional to recognise, reconstruct, operate and progress beliefs, self-image, behaviour, judgement and perception

Appreciating the need to bring an employee into touch with the corporate picture in a sympathetic and personally-motivating manner

Acquiring the art of delegation and recognising the psychological stance which hinders delegation opportunities or fosters irresponsible buck-passing

Avoiding chaos, disruption and frustration in order to generate a cost-effective working environment where personnel have a keen sense of the time-money equation without creating an over-pressurised group psyche

Negotiation skills & conflict management

Addressing, defining and communicating individual and corporate needs, perceptions and goals

Providing objective support to delegates in the management of conflict-driven business circumstances

Negotiating the sensitive handling of areas of discord in order to culminate in a positive conclusion

Influencing prospective business contacts with professionalism and integrity in order to advance the productive nature of business enterprise

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